I have many levels to the discipline in my classroom. First and foremost...PROCEDURES. I have a procedure for everything. Not in a crazy "Hitler" kind of way, but in a "well oiled machine" kind of way.

Like I mentioned I have several layers to my classroom discipline:
  • Individuals- I do a baseball theme! The students can advance each day to the next base. Their goal is to get a home run by the end of the week. If there are behavior issues, they get a strike 1, strike 2, strike 3...then your benched! Then at the end of the year we celebrate all of the "All Stars" at a "Hall of Fame" party. 
  • Table Groups- Each group has a behavior bucket. When I see groups working together, transitioning quietly, all bringing in communication folders the next day, following directions...etc. they can earn marbles. Then at the end of each month they count their marbles and the winning table eats lunch with me :) THEY LOVE THIS!!!
  • Kindness- I use the "bucket filling" system. When a student does something nice to someone else, both people get a pom pom to add to their individual buckets. We read "Have you Filled a Bucket Today" during week one and talk about how filling others buckets fills ours also because being kind makes our insides "Golden". As their buckets get filled they trade their pom poms in for a "golden" star. It is neat to see the stars at the end of the school year.
  • Clean lunchroom award- Everyday I pick up my kids at the lunchroom. I do a quick "clean spot" check. Then I award the student the "golden spatula" award. I spray painted a spatula and decorated it with gold ribbon and sparkles. The student adds a gold star to the chart. At the end of the year I have a "squeaky clean" winner with the most stars and they get a prize...I make it a huge deal!
Wish I came up with this, but I can't take credit for this one

    • I'm busy- I was having an issue in the morning with children asking me question after question while I was trying to take attendance, write notes, check homework/planners, send things up to the office...So I made a signal to my class letting them know that I am busy. I wear a colorful flower Lei, the students see me wearing it and know they have to hold their questions until I take it off. This is also great to wear during reading groups or conferencing with students.

    • The "Shhh" Bell- During independent time students often get too noisy so I just ring the bell:
        • 1st time= warning to lower voices
        • 2nd time= They have to go on whispering voices
        • 3rd time= it is silent voices. 
        •  This works great because the students know what each ring means without me having to tell them silent voices.
    • "Shh" spray- I love joking around with my students and being playful with them. My students respond to me more when I have a relationship with them. I use the "shh spray" which is a spray bottle...and yes when they are too loud I spray them with water....THEY LOVE IT and they truly lower their voices... after a few giggles of course! This is my secret weapon.