Post Its

I am loving the Linky Party over at 
I use post its, but would love to incorporate them more as I am obsessed with them in my own life. I use the virtual post its on my mac desktop. I have to admit at times there are more post its than desk top space :)

1. My top post it use- I made a poster with students pictures and a square next to their pic the size of a post it. As their ticket out the door, they answer a question on their post it, stick it on the square next to their picture. That way I can see who hasn't finished yet..and who grasped the idea.

From others:
  • Teaching parts of a letter- we put sticky notes on a brave volunteer’s body. Head for heading, hand for greeting, stomach for body, foot for closing. Just to make a fun visual.
  • Word Wall- Easy! Just write and stick!
  • Writing- I print the 6 traits rubric on the post it and stick them to students published writing pieces for quick and easy grading.
  • Classroom Meetings: To solve a classroom problem ( e.g., Our Book Nook is in a constant state of Disarray. How can we keep it neat and organized?), have students sign up to discuss an issue with their name and issue on a post it
  • Writing notes to children: I write kind comments, encouraging notes, reminders - and parents will even stop in and leave a note for their child on their desk at lunch time, too.
  • Instant Graphs- They love it!
  • Flag new vocabulary during a picture walk through stories.
  • We also have a game called SCOOT! Anyone out there play SCOOT? I run the answer sheet for SCOOT front to back and put Post-Its on each desk. The Post-It note has the problem number, then a problem which the student answers in the box with the corresponding number. Students have one minute to solve the problem, then I call out "SCOOT!" and they scoot to the next desk. We continue until each child has been to each desk.
  • Book Critique- I put post its in the reading corner. After children read a book they write a review of the book and keep it in the book. Other student's find them and love to read the notes written by their peers. 
  • Have races. Section off the board according to teams Give each team a stack of post its. The students are in a line and relay reace passing off the post its. Some thing sto have them do: 
    • List as many "spelling pattern" words as you can, then they would race to try and Post the most. 
    • Posting animals for certain habitats
    • counting by 5's or 10's and having the next person Post the next number
    • posting characteristics of a specific character
    • listing nouns, etc.