Ten+ Things to do with Paint Samples

  1. Create board games with individual squares to create a colorful adventure like Candy Land. 
  2. Use them as Word Family guides. I love the ones with a hole in them...this is perfect for students to explore new words that belong in the same word family.
  3. Colorful flashcards...update those BoRiNg index cards and use colorful paint chips instead. Keep them together with a hole punch and a binder ring. 
  4. Answer card- Get the kind with 4 shades on one paint sample. Have students write A,B,C, and D one in each square. Then take a paperclip and put it on the top. Students can slide the paperclip to their answer choice and show by raising them in the air.  
  5. WORD CHOICE- Get enough for each child to have one sample with numerous colors on it (vary depending on age level). Each student randomly gets one and has to write a story using all of the paint color names, then highlight, share and glue paint chip as "illustration"
  6. Retelling graphic organizer. The students label the colors with marker "First, Next, Last". Then turn it over and they retell the story by writing on the back. 
  7. Make mini journals with the front cover being the paint chip sample.
  8. Bookmarks! Quick little hole punch and an adorable ribbon as the finishing touch. 
  9. Holiday Crafts/decorating...turkey with paint chip feathers. Colorful pastel Easter egg garland.
  10. Cards- Great for a letter writing unit or Valentine's day cards
  11. Mini book of coupons for students or a Father's Day gift book. 
  12. I make chain links VERY OFTEN...see discipline label for more information.
  13. Puppets for Readers Theater Puppet Show.
                 Colorful, Quick, Cost effective and Cute!

Contractions...make and fold
Too cute.
Easter egg garland.

Bookmarks...my kids are obsessed!

For letter writing unit or Valentines day/Mother's Day card.

I love the mini journals at the bottom of this picture.
Word Families...great for reinforcing phonics

Puppets in the upper left hand corner of pic

Compound words!

Word Choice words, using a Thesaurus
Have your class earn compliments to make a chain.

Put "a-d" on the card. Children slide a paperclip to show you the answer.

Word choice. they come up with a dull word and make it brighter.

They write contractions