Top Teacher Tips

Too cool for school is having a Teacher Tip Linky Party! This is my favorite party so far!!! Link up and share your tips. 

1. I hate having a disorganized white board so I got containers with suction cups to hold those pesky markers and erasers right on my white board. They are originally used to hold sponges for the kitchen...but they work great for the white board.
2. Tired of expensive erasers not working...I was! So I use kitchen sponges and they work GREAT. They even erase cleaner than the regular erasers.
3. Year after year decorations....I laminate my borders so they last longer.

4. Weekly setup- I have a checklist that I saved to look at each week to set up for reading (Treasures users out there you know there is a lot to change out each week). I also put "turn in lesson plans" just to make sure I get them turned in on time :)

5. My magic wand...yes it is magical. My secret weapon for getting students attention. You can get one cheap at for only 5 bucks! They make a beautiful chime sound and the students know to stop, look and listen. Here are a few designs:

6.  Busy Teacher Lei- For those times when you are busy with a small reading group, or a phone call and students have a question/comment. I put on my lei and they know that when I take it off they can ask me a question.

7. Need more bulletin board space? No problem. I made a device out of gallon size storage bags and duck tape (of course duck tape) to spotlight students work. You can easily slide student work in and out of the top.

8. Cheap is the name of the game...and that's what I am. I use page protector sheets ALL THE TIME but they get expensive. So instead I use gallon size ziplock bags. You can use dry erase markers on these as well.

9. Library thing is an awesome tool to keep track of all the books you own in your classroom. It allows you  to quickly and easily find a book...somewhat like a card catalog, but for your classroom.The best part is that it keeps a total of how many books you own (I have over 1,000)! How many books do you have?
Check it out:

10.  Mod Podge- This stuff is absolutely amazing!  It is like a glue that you can paint on ANYTHING and it will seal it like plastic. You can easily add ribbon, scrapbook paper, and even tissue paper to the surface of something and even the pickiest of fingers won't be able to tear it off.

Here are some mod podge creations of mine:

11. Use Hoola Hoops for Venn diagrams :

12. Expensive White problem!
Alternative white boards:
  • Glossy Picture Print Paper- Much cheaper and easy to store! It's thin as paper :)
  • Plastic Throw away plates! SUPER CHEAP 
  • NOTHING...You can use their desks!!!!!  The kids LOVE when we do this. All they need is a tissue and then a good wet wipe bath at the end of each day.
 13. Hate those pesky name tags that peel off of desks?  Write their names in PERMANENT I am not joking. It stays all year and then cleans off easily with some distilled alcohol, nail polish remover or a magic eraser. I am not lying try it out ;)

14. Make your own stamps. Use plastic bottle caps then glue foam stickers and voila...your own CHEAP stamps.

15. I hate students moving their desks and the room looking untidy at the end of the day. Save time and zip tie them together! Genius!

There you go! I hope these tips are as helpful to you as they are for me :)