Have students write a character review using adjectives about the character to make a wordle collage.

Poetry project
For graphing: record most popular choices of the class and see which result wins (winning choice will appear the largest print)
Mother's day present of words describing her. Attach to beautiful paper and decorate.
Synonym poster/ Word Choice
Make an Earth Day poster highlighting environmental concepts, then adding drawings to enhance the poster.
Have students make an "All About Me" wordle to share.
  • Word Choice: Students read a book and record all of the word choice found throughout the book and highlight it as a poster to share.
  • Summarize or retell a story
  • POWER writing...give them a topic and one minute to type as many things as possible
  • Students make posters for classroom bulletin boards: Verbs, adjectives, pronouns, synonyms, vocab words for a unit...etc.
  • Site Words or spelling practice. Make the spelling pattern the biggest print, then have other words surrounding it.
  • Writing a reflection at the end of a lesson
  • Word Splash as an activating strategy
  • Make Posters (example: Punctuation...then include all the things needed periods, capitals, exclamation points...etc)
  • Students can make a "A year at a glance" wordle on the last days of school.