I got presents today

Hip hip hooray I got so many goodies today!!!  I am thrilled for this school year to start. As our week of planning comes to an end and I am kicking my feet up...I am sooo excited to be getting some new presents (and just in time for my birthday this weekend...yes my birthday is the DAY BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS!!)

I got:

  • an ELMO or a document camera as some may know it as.
  • a MIMIO!!!! This turns any white board into a smart board (touch screen)
  • a new camera! 

WOo HoO!!!!!

Fall Fractions!

This is the cutest worksheet for Fractions yet! Students have to use fractions of words to put together a secret message. For example take the first 2/3 of the word ARE (the answer would be AR because they are the first 2 letters out of 3). After they do the entire page of problems they unlock a secret message. My kiddos LOVE this. 
Click HERE to get it :)

Four Corners Fractions...actually 5

My students are obsessed with Four Corners...so I thought how about incorporating this game into fractions!!!!  So here is what I came up with:
  1.  At each of the five corners post one of each of these- "0". "1/2"/ "1/3", 1/4", and "1". 
  2. Then pass out a fraction card to each student. 
  3. They look at their card and decide which of the 5 numbers their fraction is closest to. They are required to use manipulatives at their desk showing their answer choice before moving to their corner.
  4.  Then we eliminate and discuss those that got theirs wrong. The game continues until there is a winner.
  5. Each new round...pass out new fraction cards. ( I like to have those at their seat still play, just not get up and move)
Here is a list of amazing literature connection resources for teaching Fractions. My kiddos love reading about math they think it is the neatest thing reading during math.
  • Fraction Fun" by David A. Adler
  • "The Hershey's Milk Chocolate Book" by Jerry Palotta 
  • "Dad's Diet" by B. Comber
  • "Eating Fractions" by Bruce McMillian 
  • "Gator Pie by Louise Mathews
  • "The Teacher from the Black Lagoon" by Mike Thaler 
  • "The Doorbell Rang" by Pat Hutchins 
  • "A-Apple Pie" by Kate Greenway
  • "Half and Half" by J. Nelson
  • "Lucy and Tom's 1-2-3" by Shirley Hutchins 
  • "The Half-Birthday Party" by Charlotte Pomerantz
  • "The Philharmonic Gets Dressed" by Karla Kuskin
  • "Johnny Appleseed" by Steven Kellogg 
  • "Pezzettino" by Leo Lionni
  • "Fractions are Parts of Things" by Richard J. Dennis

I have who has fraction cards

Here are some "I have, who has...fraction cards" that are VERY COLORFUL with great visuals!

                             Click HERE to grab them :)

Spin it to win it...Fractions!

Spin to Win Game: 
  1. Students play in pairs. 
  2. Have a stack of fraction cards.
  3. Each student draws a card from the fraction deck. 
  4. One student spins the spinner. 
  5. If the spinner lands on "closer to 0" then the student whose fraction is closer to 0 wins both cards. 
  6. The same holds true for "closer to 1/2" or "closer to 1." If the students turn over equivalent fractions, they pick another card and spin to win all 4 cards.
Click HERE for fraction cards
Click HERE for fraction spinner

What does Math and a Clothesline have in common?

1. Fraction Line-Up (intermediate grades): 
This idea can be used in centers. Give each student a stack of fraction cards and have them pin their cards up on a clothesline from least to greatest.

2. Sequencing numbers (primary): Students get a stack of playing cards (eliminate the face cards) and have to pin them up like a number line.

Measurment Unit

I came across the BEST blog tonight. Besides the ADORABLE name, she has a LOAD of amazing things. 
 I LOVE the measurement unit she has up.

Check her out at her blog site!
My room is pretty much all setup. Besides a few little things here and there...I am done :) Now just to plan, plan, plan.

I found these zebra print magnetic holders at Walmart...perfect for my jungle themed classroom!

File folders

My Library!

Found this shower curtain at a thrift store for 25¢

Born to be wild for birthdays and jungle jobs

Collection bins and mailboxes

My 10¢ find!!!

Organization, organization, organization!

Just found these sticky dry erase pages. Stick them anywhere and viola...an instant white board.

Found this idea on Pinterest

Writing Posters for 6 Traits

I found these adorable and very helpful writing posters for the 6 traits. My goal this year is to have dynamic writing tools and lessons for my students. Click on the poster names at the bottom of the page to take you to download it.

Word Choice Poster
Word Choice Poster 2
Voice Poster
Sentence Fluency Poster
Organization Poster
Conventions Poster
Ideas Poster
Parts of a Letter

Classroom Before

So I went up to my classroom today and this is what I found...ahhh!

So here it is...the before!
The after pictures coming soon :)