Motivating Readers

I saw this idea on Pinterest to make special reading glasses to motivate/inspire kids to read more confidently. I knew right away that I HAD to do this in my classroom. I made this sign "Wild and Magic reading glasses." I bought some jungle themed ones to match the decor in my classroom and keep them in a bucket with this sign by my reading nook. They have the lenses taken out for more clear vision.

Cute Parts of a Letter Poster

I really love this poster for teaching parts of letter.
  • We start by looking at different letters. 
  • Then we make a brainstormed list of what they ALL have in common. 
  • I then show them this poster and explain the song. It is to the tune of "head, shoulders, knees and toes," but instead they sing "heading, greeting, body, closing, signature." which are the parts of a friendly letter. 
 This made letter writing a breeze for most of them. It was adorable when they would begin their rough draft and your can hear the faint sounds of them humming this song.

Scientific Method Poster

 We just recently finished the wonderful time of year of...Science Projects. I have a love/hate relationship with science projects because I love seeing the creativity the students have. The issue is that it is a project that relies heavily on parents. I feel for the kiddos whose parents will not help them. I received a page long note from a parent explaining all the reasons why he won't be helping his son do a science project this year. Needless to say I helped him do it at school.

Here is a friendly little reminder poster for students of the Scientific Process.
I had them put this in their Science Fair folders in the front to refer to often throughout the project.Thansk to Laura Candler for this printable!

Math Cue Cards

    With a Math class full of children with varying exceptionalities, I often need to have cue cards to remind their brains what to do. Here are some cuing cards that work great for word problems!

 Click HERE to grab them.

Noun Song

Found this amazing Noun song which explains what a noun is in a catchy song.

Verb Rap Video

This is a hilarious and entertaining rap about Verbs from you tube. I know that most school districts block you tube from the Internet server, but if you download it to your computer then you can play it for your students. 

Pre Primer Sight Words

Beginning the Year with Toothpaste

I have a challenging class this year and with that I mean many behavioral issues. My students were having trouble because they were saying mean things to each other. I did this toothpaste activity to show a concrete example of the affect words can have on others. We talked about how our words come out and you can't get take them back once you've said them. No matter how hard you try, you can't get EVERY piece of toothpaste back inside the tube...just like the mean words we say. I think this really hit home for most of them because so far so good!  
      Step One: Squeeze out toothpaste...all of it!

                                Every last drop!
         Step Two: Then try to put it ALL back inside.

                    Just as didn't go well.

I think they got the point when one of my students said "Ugh, it is just not possible...we will be doing this forever!"

Simon Says...North, South, East and West!

We started out map unit today! We began by playing simon says...but with cardinal directions. Example: "Simon says face East",  "Simon says turn Southeast"...etc. As the students get out the group dwindled down to a winner. We then made this foldable with the 4 main directions: North, South, East, West. They used a globe and a map to name 3 places that were in each direction from our location on the map.

Elf on a shelf

I had such a blast planning my "Elf on a Shelf" scene for my class. I had never heard of it before this year. The elf moved around the 2nd grade classes so when my kids came back from lunch....BAM!!!  Elf had made a snowflake out of paper and scissors...naughty, naughty elf.

Here is a picture of what my kids found :)
What a MESS!! 


Fun with synonyms, antonyms...etc!

So my latest endeavor has been to transform average $1.00 store puzzles into educational fun!!!  I tried it out with my students and they LOVED it!!!  I used puzzle pieces that had a back board. This is KEY! I took a group of synonyms and wrote them on the back board. Then on the corresponding puzzle piece I put its synonym match. When they match up the pairs...they are putting together the puzzle piece by piece.

I use these for:
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Homophones

Journal Writing

 Every morning my students spend time writing in a journal on various topics. I begin the year by reading the book Amelia's Notebook. The students then decorate their own notebook to gain ownership. The students were BEGGING me to write in their notebooks!!!!

Happy New Year!!!! I had my kiddos brainstorm their New Year's Resolutions for home, school, their community and world. They took those ideas and wrote a story on a festive balloon and decorated themselves with a party hat and party blower. Here is the printable for balloon writing paper.

Writing on the desks

I did something CRAZY!!!!   I had students brainstorm their newest writing project on their desks....and yes using markers~~~ Dry erase markers that is!  They were soooo excited and I have to say it was the most amazing brainstorming I have seen my students ever do. It was so different and fun and it wiped off easily with baby wipes. 

Persuasive writing commercials