100th Day of School

        I have to say that the overall opinion at our school about the 100th day is that only "primary" grades should be celebrating, "It is more of a primary thing"..."older grades have too much to fit in."

MAN!!!!!!!!!!!     I love the 100th day of school. After persuading others that 2nd grade is typically considered "primary" I was able to sneak in some 100th day fun :)

Here is our 100th day of school fun that we did.

1. Face Sheets

2. Googly Eyes

3. Cotton balls
4. Buttons
5. Doilies (gives the pictures that "old" feeling)

" I am going to be a grumpy old man"...This CRACKED me up!!!!

This one had missing teeth...HAHA

The lips :)

My Nanny actually does look like this!

Mrs. Washington right?

"When I am 100 years old I will play croquet and shuffle board."