Author's Purpose Pies

 What a great and concrete way to introduce Author's Purpose. I threw this into a center and it turned out really cute.

  1. I used two paper plates. I had a parent volunteer pre-cut paper plates into fourths. 
  2. Each piece of the PIE represented Author's Purpose (Persuade, Inform, Entertain). 
  3. I had them color the pieces of PIE. 
  4. After coloring and writing on each piece then staple all the pieces on to the second paper plate. 
  5. Then the students were given the handout below and had to match the definition and example with the correct Author's Purpose. 

 Here is an already made worksheet with the 3 different definitions for the students to cut and paste onto their plates. 

Thank you Dandelions and Dragonflies for this great printable.