Spelling Ideas

    I wanted to revamp my spelling center with new ideas. After a compilation of ideas....here is my list. I had so many ideas that I have seen over the years, but forget to do in them in the midst of all the craziness. I can't wait to do introduce some of these to my students. 

 1.    Legos- Some have letters and they spell towers by stacking the letters, then I have the word written on one and they have to  put the word they spelled on the top to self check their spelling.

2.    Clothespins- Have letters on each clothespin and they pin it on a clothes line in order to build the word. Or have a word mat that they clip clothes pins on for each sound. 

3.  White Boards- I don’t know what it is about white boards but they love them. 

 4. Playdough- I have them roll playdough into snakes and then create the words. Also I have stencil stamps and they stamp the words.
 5. Rainbow words- They color a page with different color crayons. Then turn the crayon side down onto a nother piece of paper and writ ehte spelling words with a epencil. When they lift it up the words will be pressed on the other sheet in rainbow colors. “Its magic “ one student said.
 6. Rainbow words again- They write the word 5 times in different colors on top of each other each time.   
 7. White crayon on white paper; then paint with watercolors- This is daring, but I do it occasionally. They write the word first in white, then the word magically appears when they paint over top of it.  
8. Chalk and black paper-   Get thin chalk from 1$ store and they write their spelling words on black construction paper.

9.    Shaving Cream- THEY LOVE THIS.  They write the words in the cream on their desk and it cleans the desk too.

10.    Marker writing on the desk- Dry erase markers will wipe off their desks with a baby wipe. They spell their words and then wipe clean. I make it a big deal by saying we could get in trouble so they think they are being scandalous…haha!

11.    Finger Paint Bags- Freezer zip lock bags and fingerprint. Tape the bag closed for extra strength. The student then lays the bag flat on the table and writes the word on the bag with a finger. The word will disappear like magic when they rub it.         

12.    Spelling Chain links- Cut strips of paper. They make a chain link linking each letter together to spell the word.

13.    Bottle caps-  I sent a letter home to parents requesting bottle cap donations…I GOT THOUSANDS!!!!  I use them for math also. Make sure you wash them first. I put the caps in the dishwasher.

14.    Magnetic Cookie Sheet- Arrange magnetic letters on a cookie sheet. They use the letters to form the weekly spelling words. The dollar store has cookie sheets for a $1.00.

15.    Computer- They LOVE typing their words into a word document. Great because also helps with typing skills.
16.    Cereal/ Noodle Spelling- Use cereal/ noodles to reproduce their spelling words.
17.     Palm reading/Back reading- Partners spell the words on backs and try to guess the word.
18.   Paper taped to the bottom of table (Sistene chapel style)- Then they lay on their backs and write the spelling words “on the ceiling”.

19.  Textile spelling- Make Tupperware bins with different things filling it (rice, sand, flour) and they spell the words in it. I have done this for 3 years even with 1st graders and have never had an issue with spills. They know they have to sit with it, can’t move it, and have to push top on it tight.

20.  WINDOW Spelling- Dry erase also work on the windows. I have windows that go to the floor. Then it wipes off clean. They practice spelling them this way and LOVE IT.