Vocab Journals

Our county just adopted Marzano's teaching evaluation system. As the teacher's scramble to tweak our teaching styles to fit that of Marzanos, I have been racking my brain to figure out how to amp up my vocabulary. I saw this great idea to make vocab notebooks.

Here is how we use them:
Monday-  The students set up the different sections and write the words. They divide their paper into 4 main boxes. 
Tuesday- They draw 4 quick sketches of 4 of the vocab words and then label the boxes.
Wednesday- They choose 3 words to make a dynamic sentence with. 
Thursday- They complete a Frayer Model on the "hardest" word. They write the word, define it in their own words, and then give examples/non-examples. 

Click on the Graphic Organizer to get your copy of the sheet I just made to use. The students will fill it out and then glue it into their vocab composition book. 

Already I have seen a huge difference!!! 

Here is a look at the Frayer Model Box
Here is the Picture box with the labels 
The vocab word box
The Sentences box.
 I have the students label the words they used.