Vocab Twister!!!

               So I LOVED twister as a kid and kids still love twister...it's a beautiful thing! I wanted to spice up my centers because we were doing the SAME thing almost every week with our vocab words, cut and paste...boring! We occasionally threw in a game, but nothing as exciting as twister. I went to a garage sale and there it was...a twister game RUG!  Yes a rug! Not the cheap plastic twister, but a sturdy one that will never rip :) Oh and it was $3.00------but I talked them down to $2.00!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's how we played it:

  • The kids make their own index cards with a mixture of definitions, pictures, and fill-in-the-blank sentences.
  • Then they put the cards down on the velcro pieces I had previously stuck on the game. 
  • The spinner is spun and they play the game like usual. 
  • The TRICK is: Whatever they land on they read the index card and have to guess what vocabulary word goes with that picture, sentence, or definition.
THEY LOVED IT!!!!!  They wanted to bring the twister game AND INDEX cards out to recess!!!!!
That is what I call a success :)

Putting down the cards they made.

They got SOOO into it they were even
 doing the splits to win.