Anchor Charts

I am so obsessed with Anchor Charts lately so Mrs. M's Linky Party could not be more perfect right now. Head over to her blog and check out all of the amazing Anchor Charts. Just click on the images below and let the browsing begin :)

Here are some of my favorites I use ALL the TIME!
Our county is using Marzano's evaluation system and this is one I use. The students rate themselves on where they are at in their learning.
I have vocabulary notebooks and I use this anchor chart as a reminder anytime I am introducing new vocab and they are filling out a Frayer on a new word.
My kiddos love this one. They rate themselves on the quality of their work in centers.
I think this is the most used anchor chart in our classroom :)

My kids were having a ROUGH time with written responses to a reading passage on a test. We went over it and over it and now they are fabulous. I even have one kiddo that highlights in the different colors to make sure that I see he wrote with all 4.
Great for our geometry unit. They each made their own using popsicle sticks.
I saw this on Pinterest and HAD to make it. This is such a great chart for those little reminders such as capitalization.