Problem and Solution

     This week's comprehension skill is Problem and Solution. I am overjoyed that it is one of those skills that is fairly easy for them to grasp!

Here are a few goodies to share: Click on the pictures to get your copy!


A Song:
I found foam puzzle pieces at the dollar store (9 of them!!!!) They were "Cars" and "Disney Princess" themed down the toy aisle.
They even had numbers on the front which ended up being great for self monitoring.
I turned over the pieces and glued "Problem" and "Solution" sentences on the back for them to "Piece" together.

Problem: My bike had a flat tire.          Solution: I pumped it up with air.

Problem and Solution Story Writing: 
  • The students chose one slip from the "Problem" bucket.
  • They had to find the "Solution"from the other bucket and put them next to eachother. 
  • They then wrote a story using both.
  • For my "higher" kiddos...they randomly chose one from each and then had to creatively come up with a story and link the two together...This was a challenge to make the story make sense!!! 

A Packet with Graphic Organizers: 
Click HERE to download the packet. 
(Thanks to Stories From Second.)