Standardized Test Review Words

      With our MAJOR standardized test coming up, I made this powerpoint movie of key words they need to be able to read to process the questions. We are treating them like sight words and strictly gaining fluency with this particular activity. We have discussed in length what each word means, but since they are tough to read (encyclopedia, punctuation, personification) I don't want them to get the question wrong because they can't figure out the word.

        ALL of my students know what each of these mean, its stressing out and giving up when they see a HUGE word like this and deciding to just check any answer :(  I have had SOOOOO many kiddos go "Oh that's alliteration (or whatever hard word it may be) ...that's easy now that I know the word" and then they get the answer correct.

         So use at your leisure and hopefully it will help some of those kiddos who can't digest these HUGE words and help them to recognize them more easily.