How to writing- 1st Day

       We started Expository writing today and we started with two staples:

1. Brain Pop Jr. Video- "How to Essays"

2. An Anchor Chart (that the students helped create)!!!!
I had students brainstorm a list of all the different "how to" writing ideas they could on Post-Its (automatic engagement of ALL secret weapon) and then post them on the board when they were done.

They had great ideas: How to be a great gymnast, how to train your dog...etc.
 Then we sorted them into the three different types of "how to" writing. Instructions on how to DO something, BE something or MAKE something.
Here are all of their post its sorted into their categories.

How to read a book, do a back flip, take are of a fish.

How to MAKE a kits, pizza, a flower pen of duct tape!!!

How to be a good friend, student of the month, a football player.
 Here we turned those ideas into an anchor chart. They kiddos loved that those were THEIR ideas.

How to Writing!

       I am so excited to start expository writing. This might be my favorite thing to teach of all time!!!!   I love because my kids love it :)
         We started off easy with how to Blow a Bubble after being inspired by The Teacher Wife, head over to her blog to see her adorable results. I decided to change mine up a little bit.

       First I explained what we were going to write about...and then I said "but in order to be able to write about blowing a bubble, we need to actually blow a bubble."  Then I passed out gum and we started blowing...they FREAKED!!!! Chewing gum in school!!!

Here are a few shots I caught right before they popped. 

He tried like 4 times and it kept popping so I wasn't able to catch it to take a picture...but we finally caught it in time.
Next I had them work in groups to write the steps together on sentence strips. I reminded them of our sequencing transition words and they brainstormed together and got to writing. Of course they wrote on pink sentence strips for pink bubble gum :)
 Check it out:

 I explained that this was a brainstorm, and we needed to add in very specific details and sparkle words to get our instruction across to someone who is trying to blow a bubble for the first time.
So we used the graphic organizer from The Teacher Wife and they started adding more details to our writing on their own (no longer in groups).
 Then for the final project. We took fun pics of them on the computer pretending to blow a bubble. I did this a week in advance and they were SOOOOO curious what we were going to do with the pics. We finished them off with a cute balloon and bubble gum pink paper.

I love it with their picture.
They turned out REALLY cute. I even had a student cross their eyes in their picture which looks hilarious once the balloon was added!!!!

Perimeter Geoboards

      Another fun activity we did with perimeter included Geoboards. I know it is crazy because Geoboards are used for Geometry...but it worked GREAT for perimeter!

      I had only 5 geoboards so when I was teaching them how to do perimeter on them, I had them in small groups. One student made a random shape on their board (I set the rule that it had to be straight sides and no diagonals) and then the rest of the group had to figure out the perimeter. Then they switched and that person made a shape while the others figured out the perimeter. 

      After that mini lesson on how to use them I put it into a center. 
For example: This one has 5 line segments across the top/bottom, and 6 on each side. Therefore 5+5+6+6= 22

For example: This one has 10 line segments across the top/bottom, and 5 on each side. Therefore 10+10+5+5=30

I Scream for Multiplication Ice Cream!

          As an incentive for my students to learn their multiplication Math facts, I have it as an official Math center. The students have quizzes for each of the Multiplication family of facts. They have 1 minute to answer all of the multiplication problems. They have to get them all correct and finish all of them by the time the timer goes off in order to pass. When they pass one set, they move to the next one.
        If they don't pass a set, they have to practice the flashcards 3 times in order to take another test.
This center is monitored completely independently. I have a captain (that I trust) to run the timer and grade the quizzes. It has worked well for a few months now.
     I set it up with library pockets and a poster. Then I made sheets of the quizzes and cut them up to fit in the corresponding pocket. 

 This is an examples of a math quiz. Notice these are all 3's multiplication facts, but they are mixed up!! This is the key otherwise kids are just skip counting and aren't memorizing them. Click HERE to get the quizzes already typed up.

  Each time they pass a set of quizzes, they earn a prize. Each time they earn a part of an ice ream party. They have a ice cream coloring sheet that they color in as they conquer a set of facts.

Here is what they earn each time: 
1's= An invitation to the party
2's= Bowl
3's= Spoon
4's= 1 Scoop of vanilla ice cream
5's= 1 Scoop of chocolate ice cream
6's=  1 Scoop of chocolate ice cream
7's=  Chocolate Syrup
8's=  Sprinkles of choice
9's=   Nuts
10's= Candy topping of choice
11's= Whipped cream
12's=  Cherry on top

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