Angles, Lines, and more Angles!

      Geometry is almost as bad as teaching measurement! It has TONS of vocabulary that the kids have to remember. We did this fun popsicle stick activity to form and label the different angles. We were studying 7 different angles and lines. 

     Start with paper that is 11x17 so you have enough room. We folded our paper into 8 equal sections (fold in half 3 times to achieve 8 boxes). 

In each box they formed an angle and glued the popsicle sticks in place. 
Then they labelled the angles in degrees (For example: 90, 180)
Finally they labelled the box with a heading of which angle it was. 

Here is our final product. I love the colorful popsicle sticks versus the plain ones (so do the kiddies)!
Here is the final product overview.