Beach ball Reading Comprehension

         So in honor of Summer on its way, I decided to bring the summer fun inside. I saw in an educational store magazine (whose name shall remain anonymous) that rhymes with "Really Good Fluff" an ADORABLE idea of comprehension questions on a blow up ball. Students toss around after a Fiction story and talk about the question on the ball.

Some of these questions are basic "Art of Comprehension" questions:
  • Who was the author?
  • What was the setting?
  • What happened at the beginning, middle and end?
  • What was your favorite part?
  • What connections did you make?
  • What questions do you have about the story?

WELL....I couldn't justify forking out the $20.00 price tag so I MADE mine for only (Queue: Drum Roll please).....$1.00!!!!!!!!!

The dollar store has all of their Summer items out now and I saw the beach ball and instantly knew what I would use it for. All I needed was  a sharpie marker and it was finished. The BEST part was that I got to control which questions I wanted to put on it.

Look at the difference too:

 I actually made 3 different ones with varying levels of difficult questions....DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION!!!! The students split into three groups (based on their levels) and they toss the balls around their circle answering the questions. This way more students can answer at one time and they are more on their level.

Here is how I differentiated the balls:
 Below Level:

- Who was the author

-Where was the setting
-Who were the characters
-What was your favorite part
-What happened at the end of the story.

On level:
- What happened at the beginning of the story
-What happened in the middle
-What happened at the end of the story
-What was the main idea of the story
-What the the problem and solution of the story

Above Level:
-What was the main idea of the story
-What the the problem and solution of the story
- What was one inference you made from the story
-Compare and contrast 2 of the characters
-What was the main idea and 3 details