How to writing- 1st Day

       We started Expository writing today and we started with two staples:

1. Brain Pop Jr. Video- "How to Essays"

2. An Anchor Chart (that the students helped create)!!!!
I had students brainstorm a list of all the different "how to" writing ideas they could on Post-Its (automatic engagement of ALL secret weapon) and then post them on the board when they were done.

They had great ideas: How to be a great gymnast, how to train your dog...etc.
 Then we sorted them into the three different types of "how to" writing. Instructions on how to DO something, BE something or MAKE something.
Here are all of their post its sorted into their categories.

How to read a book, do a back flip, take are of a fish.

How to MAKE a kits, pizza, a flower pen of duct tape!!!

How to be a good friend, student of the month, a football player.
 Here we turned those ideas into an anchor chart. They kiddos loved that those were THEIR ideas.