How to Writing!

       I am so excited to start expository writing. This might be my favorite thing to teach of all time!!!!   I love because my kids love it :)
         We started off easy with how to Blow a Bubble after being inspired by The Teacher Wife, head over to her blog to see her adorable results. I decided to change mine up a little bit.

       First I explained what we were going to write about...and then I said "but in order to be able to write about blowing a bubble, we need to actually blow a bubble."  Then I passed out gum and we started blowing...they FREAKED!!!! Chewing gum in school!!!

Here are a few shots I caught right before they popped. 

He tried like 4 times and it kept popping so I wasn't able to catch it to take a picture...but we finally caught it in time.
Next I had them work in groups to write the steps together on sentence strips. I reminded them of our sequencing transition words and they brainstormed together and got to writing. Of course they wrote on pink sentence strips for pink bubble gum :)
 Check it out:

 I explained that this was a brainstorm, and we needed to add in very specific details and sparkle words to get our instruction across to someone who is trying to blow a bubble for the first time.
So we used the graphic organizer from The Teacher Wife and they started adding more details to our writing on their own (no longer in groups).
 Then for the final project. We took fun pics of them on the computer pretending to blow a bubble. I did this a week in advance and they were SOOOOO curious what we were going to do with the pics. We finished them off with a cute balloon and bubble gum pink paper.

I love it with their picture.
They turned out REALLY cute. I even had a student cross their eyes in their picture which looks hilarious once the balloon was added!!!!