Human Anatomy Vest and Mobile

        I just love teaching the human body.... and I have a confession to make. I wasn't one of those teachers who "always dreamed of being a teacher." Don't get me wrong, I entertained the idea numerous times, but when your WHOLE family is in the medical field... you oblige. I started college Pre-med and continued on that track for 3 years!!! However the thought of being a teacher was always in the back of my mind. Sooo one day I just....switched! I dropped ALL of my classes to follow my real calling to be a teacher. Some days I wonder "what was I thinking" but 99% of the time I absolutely love what I do. 

Anyways back to the point. I do secretly love anatomy because it brings back so many memories and reminds me of my life decision to become a teacher. 

With that being said here is one of the things I do with my students. We take a week to study each of the basic organs and their functions with the body. Then we make a mobile with pictures, labels, and facts about that organ.

I wrote a letter to the parents asking for wire hanger donations as well as my "usual" dry-cleaners and got GOBS of them. Click on the picture below to get the pictures for the mobile:


Our Unit project consisted of making Human Body Paper Vests. We made vests from large paper bags from the grocery store.
Here's how:
1. Cut paper bag down the front and around the bottom of the bag for the opening and neck area. 
2. Cut a hole in each side for the arms.
3. Cut, color, and then glue each of the organs in the correct anatomical position on the vest.
4. Finalize with a brain hat and...viola! 

A human Body Organ Vest!!

This is an example of the vest (ignore the tepee decorations as I didn't have a picture of ours up close).
Here are the printables for the brain hat: 
 This is the document consisting of the organs for the body vest: