Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and blizzards...OH MY!!!!! A lesson on weather

     We just finished up our weather unit and as a wise person said "If you want your kids to learn, then you need to use a graphic organizer" In our county you aren't "teaching" if you don't use some sort of graphic organizer. 

     Our students began with watching BRAIN POP JR. videos. If you haven't heard or havent checked out the website....YOU SHOULD!!!!  ASAP!!!!!!!!!  I probably use it 3-4 times a week! Our school got a subscription, but I would pay for it myself if they didn't. There is everything from Math- Reading Comprehension to is endless!

Here is a link:  

There is even a BRAIN POP for older students and a BRAIN POP ESL:

Anyways...back to weather. After learning about each weather system, we made these easy foldables. One day I will take the time to make them fancy, but this works too :)
They got to choose any 4 major weather systems. They obviously drew a picture first. 
I love the blizzard man in the bottom foldable...poor stick guy doesn't even have a coat on.
 Then came the actual "important learning" part...they had to write on two topics:

1. What the weather storm/system is (definition). TOP FLAP
2. Then ways to stay safe in that storm (Part of our standards). BOTTOM FLAP
Comments like this one on how to stay safe..."Don't fall asleep during it" I died laughing.