I Scream for Multiplication Ice Cream!

          As an incentive for my students to learn their multiplication Math facts, I have it as an official Math center. The students have quizzes for each of the Multiplication family of facts. They have 1 minute to answer all of the multiplication problems. They have to get them all correct and finish all of them by the time the timer goes off in order to pass. When they pass one set, they move to the next one.
        If they don't pass a set, they have to practice the flashcards 3 times in order to take another test.
This center is monitored completely independently. I have a captain (that I trust) to run the timer and grade the quizzes. It has worked well for a few months now.
     I set it up with library pockets and a poster. Then I made sheets of the quizzes and cut them up to fit in the corresponding pocket. 

 This is an examples of a math quiz. Notice these are all 3's multiplication facts, but they are mixed up!! This is the key otherwise kids are just skip counting and aren't memorizing them. Click HERE to get the quizzes already typed up.

  Each time they pass a set of quizzes, they earn a prize. Each time they earn a part of an ice ream party. They have a ice cream coloring sheet that they color in as they conquer a set of facts.

Here is what they earn each time: 
1's= An invitation to the party
2's= Bowl
3's= Spoon
4's= 1 Scoop of vanilla ice cream
5's= 1 Scoop of chocolate ice cream
6's=  1 Scoop of chocolate ice cream
7's=  Chocolate Syrup
8's=  Sprinkles of choice
9's=   Nuts
10's= Candy topping of choice
11's= Whipped cream
12's=  Cherry on top