After having open house, many parents came up and asked me what apps I use in the classroom so that they can put them on their iPods at home. So I thought why not share it with you all!!! There are TONS of games in lots of different content areas.

Click on the iPod below for a list of apps I use and love. 
 Also here is a list of Apps that was a handout from a workshop I went to: 

Literacy Apps!

* ABC Tracer from App Zoo!  Amazing!  You can even change the order in which the kids draw the lines of the letters!  It also has numbers and words and quizzes!  It's great!

ABC Phonics Animals from Brain Counts Education!  It's the entire alphabet with animals.  You can toggle between letters and words.

DotToDot Numbers & Letters from Apps in My Pocket!  Students connect the dots using the alphabet or numbers, you pick.  The app says the letter name aloud when they click it so I would expect my kids to do My Turn, Your Turn with the computer!

ABC - Magnetic Alphabet from Dot Next Education.  An alternative to playing with magnet letters!

*ABC PocketPhonics Lite from Apps in my Pocket.  Learn to form the letter by sounds instead of by name!

ABC Cards - Sight Words from Brain Counts. Different modes for the kids.  Upper or lower case, read the words, flashcards or write the words.  This would be great for that advanced little learner!

Ace Words - Dolch Sight Words by Brain Counts Education.  Kid pick from a list of sight words and write them with their fingers!

1st Grade Reading - I Like Writing by Grasshopper Apps Education.  Great story about how we write.  I would not use it for first though!  Definitely kinder!

MELS Phonics Blending from E-Learning.  Great for reinforcing blends.
Math Apps!

Animals Counting from Brain Counts Education.  How to write the numbers.  Can also switch it to number words which is great.  Free version only get up to seven though.

Counting 101 by Starwish LIttle Prince.  This I would use for those kids who need some reinforcement in basic counting.  Kids have to count items and when they touch the item it counts it aloud.

Animal Farm Addition by Brain Counts Education.  This is a fun addition practice game!  Students solve problems and discover a picture!  Great for end of year kinder and even first! And of course anyone who needs practice with basic addition!

Ace Kid's Math Games by Brain Counts Education.  This is more for first grade.  Addition with double digits and mixed addition and subtraction.  Provides great visuals for what the concepts are.

Ace Math Land - Animals by Brain Counts Education.  Same as above but with smaller numbers!

*Asteroid &Arithmetic by Insight VR Education.  Kids quickly solve math problems and then shoot astroids in space!  Super Cool!  You can set it to addition, subtraction, multiplication or division!  Great for all ages!