Math Egg Hunt

     We are getting closer and closer to the BIG FCAT day!!!!  As a fun review I stuffed Easter Eggs with Math problems. Each egg was numbered 1-16 and hid around the room. The students were paired up and had to find all of the eggs. As they found an egg they read/answered the question and put their answer in the designated square that corresponds to that question.
Here is the answer sheet we used to record our answers. Click on the picture to get yours. We originally just folded a piece of paper in half 4 times to make 16 squares.

 Here are some pics from our FUN day!

I found egg number 13!
Working with their partners.
Searching, searching everywhere!

I can't reach
So a buddy helped him out!
Yes!  I got it!
Everyone celebrating because this was the one egg they had a hard time finding!