Metric Vs. Customary Flipbook

         Oh boy, oh boy! It is Measurement time! Our new Math series starts off day one with Customary units of measure (inch, foot, yard, mile) easy enough right? Day 2 they switch gears and go into all of the metric units of measure (millimeter, centimeter, meter, decimeter, kilometer) NOT SO EASY!!!  All of this vocab is thrown at them in a 2 day span.

So I had to think quick!

I put it all into a foldable flipbook. This way it was organized and a little bit of a cheat sheet for them to reference to throughout the chapter. They put the unit in order on the foldable from smallest to biggest. Inside each flap they glued a picture showing items that are that size. Next year I will add to it where they have to name 3 things they would measure with that unit.

Here are some pictures to see what I mean:

Here is a picture of the inside flaps showing the item that is approximately that big to help them remember what size an inch is versus a foot.