Persuasive Letter Writing Project

I love multi-tasking and killing two birds with one stone. We were wrapping up a letter writing unit and segueing into Persuasive Writing so....I combined them and made this fun project! They were to write a letter to their parents using all the important features of a letter.

To remind them of the parts of a letter we sang this song to the tune of "Head, Shoulders, knees, and toes": Click on the picture to get your copy.

I have seen this poster EVERYWHERE and it is SoOoO cute! Here is a copy:

Here is a video from YouTube that is really cute too. It is to the tunes of "The Adams Family."

I had students brainstorm on their desk tops using dry erase markers (they always love forgoing the paper and feeling like they are doing graffiti on their desks).  The writing project prompt was to persuade their parents for something they want.

Can I have a....PUPPY!
I love the closing "Your loving daughter"
Can I have a.... BOAT!
Reason "We wouldn't have to always buy fish from the store because I would catch tons of fish with our new boat."