Where am I? Me on the Map (Communities)

Where am I? This is a lesson I did when teaching about communities. 

We started by playing with Google Earth. I pre-programmed in some addresses (even mine) and we started in the farthest "Out" zoom and slowly zoomed in until we were standing on the street view outside of our address destinations (some of the addresses I did- our school, my house, Disney of course and Chuck- E-Cheeses). They LOVED IT!!!!!

Then we read Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney and Where Do I Live?  
Two definite must haves in your library.

We finished it off by making these "Where am I projects/foldables". 
They colored the continent we live on out of the whole world.
Colored our state red.
Colored and circled our planet.

Here are some WAY CUTER ones that I can't wait to do next year!