Calling All Paint Chip Stealers!

         Calling all Paint-Chip Stealers!!!  Yes I admit it...I steal paint chip samples on a weekly basis. Not really steal...I actually ask them every time and explain that I am a teacher because I feel soooooooooo weird taking a handful! They, of course, are always happy to oblige :)

         I love the 4 section paint chips because it is perfect for a Frayer Model for vocabulary words. My students make a paint chip for each vocab word and refer to them throughout the week. 
 I use them 2 different ways:

1. Frayer- They write the word, definition, examples, and non-examples of the word.
2. In the first section they put the word, then the definition in their own words, a juicy sentence, and finish with a picture.

Here are some of the ones we have done:

Other Ideas to use these paint chips for:
1. Dictionary skills: Could write the word to look up, page they found it on, the definition given, the part of speech, sentence given, word that comes before and after...etc.

2. Grammar Sentences- Writing Super Sentences. They could start with plain sentence and show how to build it. Example: 1st section "The dog barked" 2nd- "The dog barked loudly. 3rd- The fluffy dog barked loudly. 4th: "the fluffy white dog barked loudly last night".

3. Life cycle: Could write the steps of a frog, snake, plant, butterfly's life cycle on each section with a picture.

4. Main idea: Could write the Main Idea on the top section and 3 supporting details on the other 3.

5. Math: FACT Families. Students could draw a card with 3 numbers and write the fact family, one fact on each sections. (Example: 4,3,12------ 4x3=12, 3x4=12, 12/4=3, 12/3=4)

6. Expository writing or Sequencing- First, next, then, and last!

7. Place Value- Could turn sideways and turn it into a place value table. Write each number in a separate column.