Free New Classroom Management iPad App

I don't know about your classroom or your kiddos...but mine do almost anything for technology related things. So what better way to have control over classroom management than through a self regulating tool? I found this new app for an iPod or and iPad. It is called TooLoud...and it's FREE!!!! Click on the App to take you to the iTunes store to read more about it. 
Here is how it works:

I have been battling with Apps for a LOOOOOOONNNNGGGG time!  I would download apps and discover that they didn't work on my device and be really disappointed. Did you know that in iTunes when you are viewing an app it tells you if it is compatible with your device or not. This solves ALL of my problems. No more buying an app, only to discover that it doesn't work. Take a peak at where this is in iTunes:

My idea is to project this throughout the day to let students check in where they are at. There are so many ways we can use this:

-Indoor Recess
-Whole group sharing with shoulder partners (Will let class know if they are whispering appropriately)
-Dismissal time
-Set near a particular group/center to monitor their noise level when you can't monitor (like during guided groups)
-Could set it by one student (with behavior plan for disrupting) to monitor his outbursts and disruption.

I thought of setting class goals for where the number should be at the end of the day. Could have a class-wide reward initiative if they make it within a range of numbers. Or levels or reward depending on the level of the final number.

For Example:

Tally Mark System
2 Tally Marks= score in the 50's
3 Tally Marks=score in the 40's
4 Tally Marks= score in the 30's
5 Tally Marks= score in the 20's

Then a class party when they reach 20 Tally Marks.

***The lower the number the better because it meant lower noise level. 

Tagxedo is the new Wordle!

Yes...that's right!!!  Tagxedo has officially replaced Wordle in my world. It is amazing! It takes Wordle and literally places it outside of the box. It takes your words that you've entered and surrounds a picture or fills a picture to give the picture dimension and shape.

I dare you to visit the website, TAGXEDO, and play around. It is so user friendly.  There is a set of pictures to use or you can find a picture to upload and use. 

The final result is really neat. Here are some of the things our class has done as a fun way to assess our knowledge. I even had kiddos doing them from home, and emailing them to me. 

MLK day

President's Day Book Report

Biography Book Report on Famous Football player
This is an example of a picture that I uploaded and then we used in our Anatomy Unit. 
A glorified word splash introducing our weather unit. 
Earth Day of course. We glued this picture next to a poem for a really cute project. 
Animal Needs and Adaptations
Life Cycle of a human...I never would have thought of this, but one of my students did :)
Plants needs and key vocabulary. 
One of my kiddos came up with this one. I always do "High 5" summaries. This student literally did it to Little Red Riding Hood and played with the colors until the title was in RED. 
This is our "Key Words" poster. Those more common words found in word problems are bigger than the others. I made one for all of the operations. 
Shape Classification. I had them do this in a center for all of the shapes in our Geometry unit and then kept them in their notebook. 
A narrative story about a trip.
The possibilities are endless...especially since you can upload you own picture.

Science Notebooking-Matter

Science Notebooking-Unit of Matter, Energy, Forces

This is an adorable cover page for Science that I saw  somewhere out there and my kiddos had a blast!
We are doing Marzano in our county so at the top of each page you will see the Learning Goals. This is obviously the 3 states of matter that they wrote on post its with example pics of each. This was a quick "ticket-out-the-door" activity we did after our main lesson.
This has 3 small pics at the bottom of the page in our Notebooks of the anchor charts we did on each of the 3 states of Matter. I found these anchor charts on Pinterest. Click here to take you to my anchor chart board. On top is a song we folded and also put in our Notebooks and we start the lesson reviewing with this song. We also taped it on our iPods and put it on YOU TUBE!!!!
Then we did this word search...I know what your thinking! BUT this word search required them to determine if the word was a solid, liquid, or gas...not just find words. When they found a word, they had to think about what type it was, then highlight the answer in the puzzle with the corresponding color. Liquids-blue, gases-yellow, and solids-green.
We talked about the properties of Matter (weight, size, shape, texture...etc) . They each grabbed a picture out of a grab bag and had to create a foldable and describe their matter using the properties. 
This is one student example. They grabbed a puppy picture. They described its Texture: soft, fluffy, Size: Small, Shape: mostly round, Color: white, Weight: light weight until they grow up...isn't that cute?

Then we talked about what makes up Matter....molecules! Here is our Notebook entry with a post it as a secret door....they thought this was the COOLest thing ever!!! The answer to the question is underneath. Then we have our foldable showing the molecules making up each of the states.

Changes in Matter: We made this foldable with the doors to open and reveal the answers to our Matter problems. 

What do you get when you mix a solid and heat???....Liquid!

What do you get when you mix liquid and heat???...Gas!

Energy and Forces:
After our lesson they had to write the 5 forms of energy.
We talked about the force of Gravity and they came up with an acrostic...this was great for differentiating because my high kiddos were challenged. I gave sentence starters for the others. 

I wish I could take credit for this adorable foldable, but I can't. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was brilliant!
This one I came up with all on my own ;)
I needed a concrete way to show magnets repelling and attracting. 

Adventures in Notebooking

   I have caught the bug...the notebooking bug! It has truly become a sickness for me. I am obsessed!!!! I have spent hours looking at other notebooks, bought books featuring foldables in notebooks, and countless hours making a Teacher's Edition notebook for my subjects for next year...I can't wait. 

Here are my latest endeavors for my THEME notebook. Theme at my school is essentailly Science and Social Studies wrapped up in one subject so there is a mix of science and social studies items throughout. 

Government Unit:
We started with this cute anchor chart I saw somewhere. I had them each brainstorm their own reasons in their notebook of all of the reasons why the USA is special. 

Three Branches of Government. We watched a video from United Streaming that did a better job than I could on explaining these. 
Important Symbols 
They were required to draw a picture of it on the inside and 3 facts they learned about each
What it means to be a good citizen. We did this at the beginning of the year to tie into our class rules.
They did a summary of the importance of the American Flag
Three types of government...this is such a tough one to teach!
We broke it down into "Who, What, and Where" for each and did a side by side comparison.

I have to give a book critique of Dinah Zikes notebooking book I purchased. I did get about 6 ideas from the book that I haven't seen anywhere else yet...however with the book costing about $30.00 including shipping, I came to the realization that each of the new ideas I got from the book cost $5/ a teacher we can all say that it wasn't worth it. I did however make a mistake and bought the 4th grade-college version so maybe the more primary one would have more on level things I could use. 
****I have made up some of the ideas, while "borrowing" ones I have seen on my searches. I am giving props to ALL other notebookers out there whose pics/ideas I may have used...feel free to leave a comment making a claim on one of these lost and found pics. I am not going to attempt to give credit to every last idea I have seen and then made into a picture of my own. As we all know with Pinterest and Google images now these pics are everywhere and the "original" creator has not been linked many times.