Adventures in Notebooking

   I have caught the bug...the notebooking bug! It has truly become a sickness for me. I am obsessed!!!! I have spent hours looking at other notebooks, bought books featuring foldables in notebooks, and countless hours making a Teacher's Edition notebook for my subjects for next year...I can't wait. 

Here are my latest endeavors for my THEME notebook. Theme at my school is essentailly Science and Social Studies wrapped up in one subject so there is a mix of science and social studies items throughout. 

Government Unit:
We started with this cute anchor chart I saw somewhere. I had them each brainstorm their own reasons in their notebook of all of the reasons why the USA is special. 

Three Branches of Government. We watched a video from United Streaming that did a better job than I could on explaining these. 
Important Symbols 
They were required to draw a picture of it on the inside and 3 facts they learned about each
What it means to be a good citizen. We did this at the beginning of the year to tie into our class rules.
They did a summary of the importance of the American Flag
Three types of government...this is such a tough one to teach!
We broke it down into "Who, What, and Where" for each and did a side by side comparison.

I have to give a book critique of Dinah Zikes notebooking book I purchased. I did get about 6 ideas from the book that I haven't seen anywhere else yet...however with the book costing about $30.00 including shipping, I came to the realization that each of the new ideas I got from the book cost $5/ a teacher we can all say that it wasn't worth it. I did however make a mistake and bought the 4th grade-college version so maybe the more primary one would have more on level things I could use. 
****I have made up some of the ideas, while "borrowing" ones I have seen on my searches. I am giving props to ALL other notebookers out there whose pics/ideas I may have used...feel free to leave a comment making a claim on one of these lost and found pics. I am not going to attempt to give credit to every last idea I have seen and then made into a picture of my own. As we all know with Pinterest and Google images now these pics are everywhere and the "original" creator has not been linked many times.