Science Notebooking-Matter

Science Notebooking-Unit of Matter, Energy, Forces

This is an adorable cover page for Science that I saw  somewhere out there and my kiddos had a blast!
We are doing Marzano in our county so at the top of each page you will see the Learning Goals. This is obviously the 3 states of matter that they wrote on post its with example pics of each. This was a quick "ticket-out-the-door" activity we did after our main lesson.
This has 3 small pics at the bottom of the page in our Notebooks of the anchor charts we did on each of the 3 states of Matter. I found these anchor charts on Pinterest. Click here to take you to my anchor chart board. On top is a song we folded and also put in our Notebooks and we start the lesson reviewing with this song. We also taped it on our iPods and put it on YOU TUBE!!!!
Then we did this word search...I know what your thinking! BUT this word search required them to determine if the word was a solid, liquid, or gas...not just find words. When they found a word, they had to think about what type it was, then highlight the answer in the puzzle with the corresponding color. Liquids-blue, gases-yellow, and solids-green.
We talked about the properties of Matter (weight, size, shape, texture...etc) . They each grabbed a picture out of a grab bag and had to create a foldable and describe their matter using the properties. 
This is one student example. They grabbed a puppy picture. They described its Texture: soft, fluffy, Size: Small, Shape: mostly round, Color: white, Weight: light weight until they grow up...isn't that cute?

Then we talked about what makes up Matter....molecules! Here is our Notebook entry with a post it as a secret door....they thought this was the COOLest thing ever!!! The answer to the question is underneath. Then we have our foldable showing the molecules making up each of the states.

Changes in Matter: We made this foldable with the doors to open and reveal the answers to our Matter problems. 

What do you get when you mix a solid and heat???....Liquid!

What do you get when you mix liquid and heat???...Gas!

Energy and Forces:
After our lesson they had to write the 5 forms of energy.
We talked about the force of Gravity and they came up with an acrostic...this was great for differentiating because my high kiddos were challenged. I gave sentence starters for the others. 

I wish I could take credit for this adorable foldable, but I can't. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was brilliant!
This one I came up with all on my own ;)
I needed a concrete way to show magnets repelling and attracting.