Tagxedo is the new Wordle!

Yes...that's right!!!  Tagxedo has officially replaced Wordle in my world. It is amazing! It takes Wordle and literally places it outside of the box. It takes your words that you've entered and surrounds a picture or fills a picture to give the picture dimension and shape.

I dare you to visit the website, TAGXEDO, and play around. It is so user friendly.  There is a set of pictures to use or you can find a picture to upload and use. 

The final result is really neat. Here are some of the things our class has done as a fun way to assess our knowledge. I even had kiddos doing them from home, and emailing them to me. 

MLK day

President's Day Book Report

Biography Book Report on Famous Football player
This is an example of a picture that I uploaded and then we used in our Anatomy Unit. 
A glorified word splash introducing our weather unit. 
Earth Day of course. We glued this picture next to a poem for a really cute project. 
Animal Needs and Adaptations
Life Cycle of a human...I never would have thought of this, but one of my students did :)
Plants needs and key vocabulary. 
One of my kiddos came up with this one. I always do "High 5" summaries. This student literally did it to Little Red Riding Hood and played with the colors until the title was in RED. 
This is our "Key Words" poster. Those more common words found in word problems are bigger than the others. I made one for all of the operations. 
Shape Classification. I had them do this in a center for all of the shapes in our Geometry unit and then kept them in their notebook. 
A narrative story about a trip.
The possibilities are endless...especially since you can upload you own picture.