Another App...Classroom Management Points

I have found yet another great {must have} iPod/iPad App on my quest to make this the most productive year with technology.  Actually it is not an App per se, more like a website to use that can be linked to the iPod/iPad or the iPhone and used as a remote to add points. It is called Class DOJO. Click on the picture icon below to take you to the website. 
Here is what you will see as you use it:You get to edit your classes specific to your use: It is strictly for classroom management, but there are a few varieties that can be done to make it more versatile. You can even use this with multiple groups {Like middle school and high school with multiple classes, or in elementary with different groups throughout the day.}I am thinking of using this for:
  • Reading groups {Enter reading group names and specify awards for guided groups like using a strategy, paying attention, bringing supplies...etc.}
  • Table Groups {Enter reading group names and specify awards for table groups like working together, a clean area}
  • Individual {students with behavior plans}
  • Or just as my main classroom management plan in general.

It is a positive {and negative} reward system. Here is a view of the negatives...if you choose to use those too. 
The cutest part is that the kids can visually see their progress and hear it. As you award a point {or subtract} there is a slight sound that gets all of the kids revved up! I just keep the sound plugged in and  the view hidden so the kiddos are in suspense of who got awarded the point...they just hear the noise and instantly my whole class is reminded to try to make good choices to be able to earn a point:)

I love that you can specify the type of rewards they receive that are specific to your classroom needs.

It even has report cards you can pull that breaks down their brain started seeing STARS at this point of my exploration!!!  Imagine this for conferences, behavior plans, the RTI process...etc.
 You can choose to see this graph for each kid, or the whole class view. 
So how is it used with the iPhone/Pad/Pod??? You can remotely control it by adding an icon onto your homepage (like an app, but no downloading from itunes it is all done through this website.) Simply click on the pic below to take you to the mobile website where you enter in your login and can begin controlling points through any device. 

Let me know how it goes :)