Classroom Library Checkout App ~FREE!!

Okay....I know I just said I found the best app in my last post, but on my endeavor to REALLY use my iPods for all they are worth this year I found an App that will change my {and your} life FOREVER!!!  It's called Classroom Organizer. 

By a show of hands, how many of you hate dislike your library check out system? ME ME ME ME ME! No matter how many anchor charts, think aloud's, teacher models, library monitors or incentives I do my kiddos still have a hard time being responsible with my classroom library. 

Well here it is people: An App that is a library checkout/checkin system. It is mainly for iPad and iPod users, but is also available for the classroom. You download this app that has a built in scanner. You scan all of your books (I know it is a daunting task but totally worth it...hmm maybe a parent volunteer can do this for me:) Now that all of your books are in the's time to set the settings to organize your books. You can choose by title, genre, author, reading level, grade level...etc. 

The COoLeSt part is that the kids use an iPod/iPad to SCAN OUT BOOKS AND SCAN IN BOOK!!!!  Just like a real library system {As a teacher I always volunteer to help scan books in because I really love the scanner} Every kid has an account and it keeps track of the # of books they have checked out, how long they have been checked out, and the genre (to make sure they are mixing things up a bit). There is even a setting for them to comment on the condition of the book, rate the book, and require them to do a review of the book before they can turn it back in!!! AMAZING :)

Then it emails you if kids are overdue. This takes the library classroom job to a whole new level. I am thinking of a librarian who is in charge of checking out to kids, and when it is check in time the librarian's job is to comment on the condition of the book and make sure the kid does a review before turning it in. Maybe have a book checkout day and a separate check in day to make things run smooth. 

Oh and one last thing it does- it has a built in rating scale so kids in your class rate the book as they check it back in. This is great for end of the year purging! I remember taking my bins and holding up books for kids to raise their hand if they have read it and liked it before I gave away those books that weren't liked/being read. 
I can't wait to try this out this year. Has anyone used this or heard of a colleague using it?