Visualizing, Visualizing...What do I see?

"Visualizing, Visualizing...what do I see? I see ___________ in my brain indeed!"

I love using this simple chant when teaching visualizing. I start off with an anchor chart {of course} and a teacher think aloud on how to visualize.
To give students a chance I choose something super quick and easy to visualize...Then we do the chant {to polar bear, polar bear what do you see, I see a ____ looking at me}.

Teacher: "Visualizing, Visualizing...what do I see? I see ___________ in my brain indeed!"
Then point to a student.

Student A: "Visualizing, Visualizing...what do I see? I see ___________ in my brain indeed!"
Then points to another student.

Student B: "Visualizing, Visualizing...what do I see? I see ___________ in my brain indeed!"
So on and so forth until everyone has a quick chance to tell about their visual.

I began by reading an excerpt from one of my favorite books...Pippi Longstocking. This is the perfect read aloud for teaching visualizing because it describes Pippi to a T. As I read the students had their eyes closed...when I was done they had supplies and drew what they saw in their brains....super fun way to see how they were all different, yet similar {Ironic, I know!}
Here's what they saw: 
All very similar!

 Then I reread it and I drew her out on chart paper with labels containing the author's wording for each part of her body. {Citing text I believe is a new common core expectation}
Things like "she had carrot colored hair in 2 tight braids that stuck straight out", "two black shoes as twice as long as her feet."

I was SHOCKED to find out that none of my students had any clue who Pippi Longstocking was?!!?!?!?!!!! {Guilty of having only one of these books in my library}

I read an excerpt from Alice in Wonderland, but didin't show the cover and didn't read any of the names. The story began with Alice making daisy chains by the lake when she saw a white bunny with pink eyes hop by looking at his pocket watch. He then jumped into a long dark hole and Alice followed him and began falling. 

WARNING! WARNING! Technology alert!!!!!!
We then turned to Comic life:
Click on the picture to take you to the website. I have a mac so the students can access it on the computer in our school. 
Each student had to create a 4 frame poster of what they pictured in their mind. They searched images to find one that closely matched their visual and then made captions explaining their visual more. They then labeled their poster with our Sentence Starter "In my mind I saw...."