Multiplication Booklet

As you can tell from my last couple of posts that ALL pertain to multiplication...we are finishing up our units on learning how to multiply. I popped this sucker into a center that the students had to use multiple strategies and record them. 
Click on the picture of the booklet to download a copy :) 
I took out my bin of dominoes. They pulled a domino and that gave them their problem. 
Lets take the top orange domino in the picture above for example. It has 3 on one side and 5 on the other side...this would be 3x5!

 Then they go to town using that problem in their booklet. They simply follow the directions on the outside of their booklet for every problem. 

1. Write the problem at the top.
2. Draw a picture showing equal groups.
3. Show a number sentence "__ groups of ___."
4. Write a repeated number sentence "3+3+3+3+3=15"

Types of Sentences Foldable!

Types of Sentences Foldable! 
Of course anytime there is a Brain Pop Jr. video...I am on it!! My kids love them :) 
I threw this into a reading center for Grammar this week. 
They watched the Brain Pop Jr. Video on "Types of Sentences" and then completed a foldable. 
I gave them each a foldable (pre-folded...only because it is the beginning of the year and they are not capable of folding it yet).

 They took this sheet and had to sort them into the correct type of sentence. 
Then they added the punctuation at the end of each sentence. 
Click on the picture to get a copy of the sheet. 

Graphing Twister

We just wrapped up our Graphing Unit and I am always trying to incorporate games into my centers. Since I have this awesome Twister rug that I got for free, I was thinking how can I use this?  
Then I had a revelation! 

I had my students spin the spinner and follow the directions. They recorded what color they landed on in their frequency table recording sheet. They did this ten times (could do MORE or LESS to differentiate). 
Click on each page to get your copy. 
Direction Sheet:
Graphing Sheet:

Frequency Table Recording Sheet:

After they were done they used color coding labels in the same colors as Twister to make a bar graph on their sheet provided. 

 Then they graphed the colors.

Multiplication Dice with Equal Groups

Multiplication, Multiplication, Multiplication!

One center I had this past multiplication unit was using the strategy of making equal groups. I have these ReALly CoOl double dice...check them out: 
They are so neat because you can roll the dice and get 2 numbers at once. I have my students roll the dice once and then they have their multiplication sentence. 
For example: The blue dice in the picture above has a 4 on the outside and a 5 on the inside...this make 4x5! 
Then I have these really cool hoops that fold up (normally used for Venn Diagrams)...they use those as the groups...and then the counters make how many go in each group. 
For this problem, there would be 4 hoops and 5 counters in each group. 

This is a picture showing 2x5=10

Alternatives: Many people can't find these you could use paper plates, stitching hoops (super cheap), hula hoops (super fun), anything that can distinguish groups.

Hula Hoops and Equal Groups

Calling all different kinds of learning modalities!! I wanted an exciting way to teach equal groups {mainly because Math is after lunch and they were all falling asleep}. 

We first practiced how to make equal groups together. I had them all stand up, and then I said something like "make equal groups of 2"...they had to quickly get into pairs scattered around the room. Then "make equal groups of 4"..."5"..."6"..etc.

Then I broke out the hula hoops :) I projected a multiplication problem. We first made the groups {hula hoops} then we put how many in each group {students}. 

For example: 4x2

I had a "Teacher assistant" make four hula hoops for the four groups on the floor. 
 I put 2 students in each group. 
We counted how many students "in all"...4x2=8

Next we did 5x2= 10

Three hoops with 3 students in each group.

Multiplication Strategies Foldable

I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching multiplication...did you get that? It truly is my favorite thing to teach in whole world. Mainly because when I say "we are going to start our chapter in multiplication" I get a resounding "Yaaaaaayyyyyyy" from all of my students. The excitement is...exciting!

Because they teach a Million+ strategies on how to multiply {skip count, equal groups, number line, array, repeated addition, commutative property, break apart factors...did I miss any?}, I wanted to make a foldable to keep it all straight. My students refer to this often and have an example for each. 

Multiplication Masters Center

Here is a glimpse into my permanent math center called "Multiplication Masters." 
At this center they will find flashcards for every number fact 1-12. Click on the picture of the flashcards to download a copy. I like them because they are small and have a self-checking back.
They begin with 1's and move their way up to memorizing and becoming more fluent in each fact. when they "pass" a quiz, they get to move up the ladder to become a Multiplication Master. They have to study and get all of the problems correct on one hook before they can take a test. 

They choose the test that they need to take. This way there can be students on multiple levels going on at the same time. They just work on the number they are on. 

They have ONE MINUTE to complete all of the problems in that number fact family correctly to move up. They are all in random order to truly see if they have them memorized. 


Multiplication Twister!

Multiplication Twister!

My goal in life is to make exciting centers. As a child I remember having the most boring centers full of I dare say it...WoRkShEeTs :(

I found this amazing twister carpet...not the cheap kind that rips easily. I use it ALL the time! I do vocabulary twister, graphing twister, Grammar twister...and my recent endeavor:

Multiplication Twister!

Here is how they play:
1. Lay out the {laminated} number cards one on each circle. 
2. Choose one play to be the spinner. 
3. Spin the spinner, then place hand/foot on color like normal. The key is, whichever place you land on has a number. This is the first number in your problem. 
4. Then you spin again, move, and this is your second number. 
5. Now they are ready for the recording sheet. They have to use those 2 numbers to multiply, repeated addition, array, and product! 

They LOVE it!

Recording Sheet:
Click on the "recording sheet" and "Directions page" to take you to download a copy.

My New Math Center Wheel

My new Math Centers Wheel!!!!
I really had a BAD system going on for Math Centers. I had to move things every day and it didn't work for me. Therefore, I created this center wheel. 
After a couple {hundred} takes, I finally gave up and asked my Physicist hubby to draw one for me :) He was soooo smart...he found a fraction pie online with the amount of "slices" I wanted on my center wheel and used those as a template. All he had to do was extend the lines to the span of my wheel. 
My Result: A perfectly measured center wheel. The kids are on velcro name tags that I can easily move, and each day I simply move it forward one space and they have their center for the day. Some groups have 2 and some have 3 kiddos in it. Some centers are numbered and correlate to a drawer based on our current concept being taught, while my "permanent" centers are:

  • Computers
  • iPods
  • Multiplication Madness
  • Mountain Math Review

Personal Narrative Anchor Charts Found

I browsed and browsed for great ways to get my students to write awesome narratives. Here are a few I found that are great! These Personal Narrative Anchor Charts are AwEsOmE!!!! 
 We did this post it brainstorm. They each got 3 post its and had to write a story that was "bursting out of their brain" and they "couldn't wait to share".
We composed a short list similar to this one:

Personal Narrative Posters

Personal Narrative stories have arrived. I made these posters after being inspired by so many great anchor charts. Feel free to click on the posters to download your own copy.

Decoding and Comprehension posters

This year I have a huge need for phonics and decoding skills with my students. One of the most concerning things is when a student reads a sentences and they don't sound out the words, they just guess and keep reading without it making any sense. I came across these wonderful pre-made ones and thought I would share (not sure where they came from).
Click on each picture to get a downloaded copy:

Word Families

We are about to embark on studying word families this week. I wanted a fun and interactive way to get "buy in" from my students. So I thought about it literally...families. Families live in a house and therefore we are going to be incorporating a house into their word family project this week. 
Here are a few pics that I have done in the past:
I love this one, but it takes longer. I had the shapes precut and they simply glued them together. Then they drew on top of them.
This one is fun. We did it around halloween and had it as a halloween bulletin board. They got to draw on the house with white crayon which always makes them excited since they never use this color crayon. The tough part is cutting the flaps. 
Here is a pre-made worksheet I did one year which is much faster and could be done in whole group in just a few minutes :) Click on the house to take you to download a copy. 

New Anchor Charts!

Here are some Anchor Charts I created over the summer. Some were inspired by Pinterest :)