Hula Hoops and Equal Groups

Calling all different kinds of learning modalities!! I wanted an exciting way to teach equal groups {mainly because Math is after lunch and they were all falling asleep}. 

We first practiced how to make equal groups together. I had them all stand up, and then I said something like "make equal groups of 2"...they had to quickly get into pairs scattered around the room. Then "make equal groups of 4"..."5"..."6"..etc.

Then I broke out the hula hoops :) I projected a multiplication problem. We first made the groups {hula hoops} then we put how many in each group {students}. 

For example: 4x2

I had a "Teacher assistant" make four hula hoops for the four groups on the floor. 
 I put 2 students in each group. 
We counted how many students "in all"...4x2=8

Next we did 5x2= 10

Three hoops with 3 students in each group.