Math Center Organization

Phew...the school year is off to a {CrAzY} start. My room is set up, my kids are here, and I am running around like a Mad Woman! On top of it all I am trying to buy a house and started grad school. {Insert insane screaming here}. But I have to take a second and brag...I got a 100% on my first assignment, GO Me :)

So in my endeavor to find a better Math Center solution I found some fantastic ideas on the "P" word...Pinterest. Click the word Pinterest to take you to scope my boards out. Here are the ideas I wanted to copy, steal, borrow...whatever we teachers are calling it these days. Here are a few that I love:

BUT...this would cost me a fortune!!!  Of course I love it I have expensive taste. Literally the shelf alone cost $40.00, plus each insert is atleast $1.50 which equals to expensive for me.

SO I thought of this cost saving solution.

I got the wire storage for $15.00 and the inserts from the Target dollar spot for...a $1.00 :)

So here is a basic understanding of my centers. I have a center wheel, and rotate the wheel each day that we do centers so that each kids visits one of my centers at least once in a unit {sometimes more}. I have 10 centers...yes 10. Here is why: I believe in grouping kids in small groups of 2-3 members. I also group them heterogeneously (mixed levels). So for 18 students = 9 centers at least.

I will have 6 content based centers that deal with the chapter we are on for practice, then:

  • Center 7- iPods {they can only play an app from a previous chapter or this chapter}. Click HERE or on the picture to take you to a list of Apps I use in my classroom. 

  • Center 8- Computers {They go to my blog, under pages, and there are online interactive games broken down by skill that they go to}.
  • Center 9- Multiplication Madness. There are flashcards, quizzes, and a timer. They have to pass a quiz under 1 minute to move on. The goal is to master all 12 facts by the end of the school year. Whatever fact they are working on they have to practice the flashcards 3 times before able to take a quiz. 

  • Center 10- Mountain Math. Click on the words to take you to their website. I love this center because it reviews the skills from all year. I change things out once a unit so by the end of the school year they do 12 rounds of mountain math.