Multiplication Booklet

As you can tell from my last couple of posts that ALL pertain to multiplication...we are finishing up our units on learning how to multiply. I popped this sucker into a center that the students had to use multiple strategies and record them. 
Click on the picture of the booklet to download a copy :) 
I took out my bin of dominoes. They pulled a domino and that gave them their problem. 
Lets take the top orange domino in the picture above for example. It has 3 on one side and 5 on the other side...this would be 3x5!

 Then they go to town using that problem in their booklet. They simply follow the directions on the outside of their booklet for every problem. 

1. Write the problem at the top.
2. Draw a picture showing equal groups.
3. Show a number sentence "__ groups of ___."
4. Write a repeated number sentence "3+3+3+3+3=15"