Multiplication Dice with Equal Groups

Multiplication, Multiplication, Multiplication!

One center I had this past multiplication unit was using the strategy of making equal groups. I have these ReALly CoOl double dice...check them out: 
They are so neat because you can roll the dice and get 2 numbers at once. I have my students roll the dice once and then they have their multiplication sentence. 
For example: The blue dice in the picture above has a 4 on the outside and a 5 on the inside...this make 4x5! 
Then I have these really cool hoops that fold up (normally used for Venn Diagrams)...they use those as the groups...and then the counters make how many go in each group. 
For this problem, there would be 4 hoops and 5 counters in each group. 

This is a picture showing 2x5=10

Alternatives: Many people can't find these you could use paper plates, stitching hoops (super cheap), hula hoops (super fun), anything that can distinguish groups.