Multiplication Masters Center

Here is a glimpse into my permanent math center called "Multiplication Masters." 
At this center they will find flashcards for every number fact 1-12. Click on the picture of the flashcards to download a copy. I like them because they are small and have a self-checking back.
They begin with 1's and move their way up to memorizing and becoming more fluent in each fact. when they "pass" a quiz, they get to move up the ladder to become a Multiplication Master. They have to study and get all of the problems correct on one hook before they can take a test. 

They choose the test that they need to take. This way there can be students on multiple levels going on at the same time. They just work on the number they are on. 

They have ONE MINUTE to complete all of the problems in that number fact family correctly to move up. They are all in random order to truly see if they have them memorized.