My New Math Center Wheel

My new Math Centers Wheel!!!!
I really had a BAD system going on for Math Centers. I had to move things every day and it didn't work for me. Therefore, I created this center wheel. 
After a couple {hundred} takes, I finally gave up and asked my Physicist hubby to draw one for me :) He was soooo smart...he found a fraction pie online with the amount of "slices" I wanted on my center wheel and used those as a template. All he had to do was extend the lines to the span of my wheel. 
My Result: A perfectly measured center wheel. The kids are on velcro name tags that I can easily move, and each day I simply move it forward one space and they have their center for the day. Some groups have 2 and some have 3 kiddos in it. Some centers are numbered and correlate to a drawer based on our current concept being taught, while my "permanent" centers are:

  • Computers
  • iPods
  • Multiplication Madness
  • Mountain Math Review