Personal Narratives

Look! I lost a tooth! 

If I had a dollar for every time one of my second graders said better believe I would be a millionaire! I once had 3 students lose a tooth in ONE DAY!! 
Our school nurse is so cute {or maybe they all are}...she gives them a little necklace the shape of a tooth with a compartment to keep their tooth in until they get home!

So with this being such a real moment in their lives right now, I decided to incorporate this into our learning of how to write a personal narrative. 

This was the final product! 

 Here is a copy of the writing paper we used. 

Some of the tongues look more like the Uvula {dangling thing in the back of your throat}
I love this closing sentence "This was the best time of my life"...hilarious!

When they were presenting their writing pieces on the Author's Chair, they of course wanted to keep showing off the real missing spot :)