Technology Alert- Glogging

Glogster....Glogster...Glogster! Try to say it 3 times fast and it sounds WaCk!

But whatever the name, it is a really neat tech tool for the classroom. Essentially it is a live, interactive poster. Students can create a poster on a topic, and embed videos, links, articles, animations, graphics, music, text...etc. The possibilities truly are endless!!! 

The best part is that there is a Gloster library with IDEAS GALORE! This has been great for my students to see examples of quality posters and challenge them to make one that is better. The best I have seen is a report style Glog.

Here are some really great examples. You can click on each poster to take you to the website to show you how the links, videos, and overall interactiveness works:

I love this idea of a Unit review with links to engage in all of the different skills that were covered as a refresher. 

How it works:

Visit and log in. There is a free version, which is even better :) 
Choose "Create your first glog."

 Next, choose a template. I always choose one that is pre-created. This is a MUST if you are having elementary students do an activity. This way they are only manipulating what is already there, versus the thousands of options to personalize it!!!
Once you are in a Glog {such a weird word}, you can click in the template to pop up the tool bar. Here is where you can change/add the text, add graphics, upload images, insert audio or data {are you thinking what I'm thinking...interactive data wall for kids to track their progress}!

The last and best thing is that it is super easy to upload into Edmodo or embed into a blog :)

What kind of ideas do you have for using Glogger?