Free Online Books Resources

The first one sums up my philosophy exactly...

1. There is an entire children's section with over 600 books listed in that category! These actually have good quality books such as poetry, Grimm's fairytales, legend and tales which is great to support the literature standard 2,3, and 4!

2. Robert Munsch  Has an adorable website that is soooo kid friendly. I love that there are books on poetry for kids to explore. 

3. Oxford Owl This may perhaps be my favorite website. My students love it too! There are so many options to differentiate with. You can choose the age to sort books, or sort them by genre. 

5. Sylvan Dell Publishing Talk about a show stopper! This website has it ALL. They really know what they are doing. You can sort by COMMON CORE STANDARDS!!!! Also by reading level. Each book has an ebook, a pdf to download and do close and careful reading with, there is also a link to the youtube video of the book being read. That's not all! There are even quizzes to go with each book! 

There are even GREAT Math resources to infuse literacy with Math. This book is all about Fractions. Notice the You tube video at the bottom. 
6. We Give Books This is such a wonderful website because for every book that is read one is given to low income schools and families. There have been over 2 million donations to date, which is amazing! Again you can sort by age or genre.

7. Greg Tang Math WOW!! This is a revolutionary series of books written for Math. It focuses on problem based math where the kids are seeing math everywhere!

8. International Children's Digital Library Contains an extensive amount of books. Students can sort based on a wide range of parameters including age, genre, award winning, topics..etc.